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COMPULIFE Now Offers Table Ratings

COMPULIFE Now Offers Table Ratings

In case you haven’t read our bulletins, we have now added a Table Ratings button to the Red Menu of Compulife.

We told you in April and May that we would be working very hard to add more companies and products to the Table Ratings quotes, and during May we have done just that.  We want to thank those customers who have proactively lobbied their companies to get us the table ratings information for their products.  We are still missing a number of companies and products but assume that that is because most of our subscribers have already got the companies and products that they want and need.  If you can’t find a company and product that you need to quote table ratings for, please contact us by email and we’ll forward your email to our contacts with the company to try to wake them up.

Do you like the new Table Ratings function? 

If you do, we would appreciate you talking about it here:

It was reading the Capterra comments of our subscribers that convinced us that Table Ratings was something that we needed to add to our software.  If you were one of those people and have not updated or added to those comments we would appreciate you doing so.  If you have not commented on Compulife before, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to do so.

IMPORTANT NEWS about Table Ratings in our Web Quoting software

Table Ratings will be coming to Compulife Basic software in the near future.  We told you that this would not be happening in the near future but we have changed our minds.  We have come up with a way to do this with our internet engine, a way that makes adding table ratings very easy.  We will be moving forward with this very soon.  There will be NO CHARGE for this new option in Compulife Basic.

Table Ratings will be available in the web quote option.  For those buying the Standard License for the Window PC software, and who also buy the web quoting option.  The cost to add Table Ratings to web quotes for Standard License subscribers will be $48 more per year

NOTE to Standard License Subscribers:  You have up to 12 devices for the Compulife Basic program and that is part of the $300 annual license fee for your Windows program.  Table Ratings will be added to Compulife Basic at no charge.  Currently you can add 25 more devices for Compulife Basic for only $300 per year – that’s only $6 per device per year.  As we said, the new Table Ratings quotes are being added to Compulife Basic at no charge.

Personal Use Subscribers, who have the web quote option, can add Table Ratings to their web quote software for an additional $96 per year

We assume that most personal users who have the web quote option are targeting consumers.  We see no reason to add Table Ratings to a web quote option that is being provided to consumers – it’s just too confusing to a consumer. 

Standard license subscribers are typically agencies that offer quotes to agents.  When they buy a web quote option from Compulife, it is usually for their agents to use.  Once again, they can add Table Ratings for only $48 more per year.  If you have a personal use version of Compulife, and you have other agents using your web quote option, we would encourage you to upgrade to the Standard license.  If you do, the Table Ratings option for web quotes is only $48 per year more.  With a Standard License you also get 12 Compulife Basic devices instead of 3 and you have our permission to allow other agents to use your Compulife Basic  The Standard License also lets you put any agent name in the Windows PC software and give those quote to other agents (you can give them quotes, NOT the Windows PC software).

IMPORTANT NEWS about Internet Engine Subscribers

Those buying Compulife’s Internet Engine will receive the new Table Rating quote option at NO CHARGE

Regarding table ratings and the new internet engine, the upgrade will be a plug and play replacement.  There will be no need to modify ANY of your web pages to use the new engine.  If you want to add table ratings to your quotes, you will need to ADD additional health classes to your client entry page, but that is a simple change that should take very little time to make. 

There is will be one catch to using the new engine.

The new internet engine will introduce the new counter files.  Counter files are CSV files that keep track of how many quotes are being done on a daily basis, on a user and aggregate basis.  The CSV files will be on YOUR server and YOU can download and view them anytime.  You will be able to see what is in those files.  Those files are completely transparent because we want you to know that the ONLY data contained in those files is quote volumes, nothing more. 

The counter files will become the new reporting mechanism for internet engine users.  When you are asked to periodically provide those files to Compulife they will tell us how many how many sub-users you have connected to the engine and how many quotes each of those are doing.  This information is important, as we will be using it for future pricing changes and to ensure that our software is being accessed properly and that sub-users are licensed.

The new engine will require you to identify to the engine the folder on your server where these counter files will be kept.  The folder will need to be set up so that that files in the folder can be read and written by the internet engine.  Not all folders on your server will allow this and so you must find or create a folder for this purpose.  We strongly recommend that you make the folder NON-public so that ONLY you have access to it.   The new engine will produce an error if such a folder is not created and assigned.  We will be providing information about how to do that with the new engine.

IMPORTANT:  The only way Compulife will be able to obtain those counter files is if you provide them to Compulife.  We will not be accessing your server and we will not require access to your server.

It should be noted that the new counter files will be an important source of quote volume information for those Internet Engine customers who are not already getting that information from their systems.

The counter files will also be used by our new API option which will follow introduction of the new engine.

Other than for needing to specify the folder where these new counter files are located, the new engine with Table Rating quotes will be a plug and play replacement requring no work to implement.  It will only need minor modifications to the client entry in order to activate table rating quotes.

We expect the new engine to be available in June, no later than July.  Before releasing it we will be verifying that the counter mechanisms are working on our own servers for Term4Sale, Web Quotes and Compulife Basic.  We will also test Table Ratings on the Web Quotes and Compulife Basic sites before that release.

We are doing everything to ensure that the new engine that you will receive is well tested and ready once we alert you to its availability.


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