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The Health Analyzer can be used to ask health questions to determine what health class your client will be able to qualify for, based upon their health status. The health questionnaire covers requirements regarding height/weight, smoking/tobacco use, blood pressure, cholesterol, driving history, family history, and substance abuse. After the health questions are answered, the quote results will indicate whether or not your client can qualify for certain products.

The health analyzer option is available in two ways. First, the full health analyzer can be used after the site visitor runs a simple quote, as they do now. The quote results will then include a health analyzer button on the top of the page. If the visitor clicks that, they can then answer the full spectrum of health questions.

The second option is a mini-health analysis which lets you add health questions to the client entry page. The questions are currently limited to smoking, height/weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The questions are phrased in such a way, that ALL consumers will know the answers easily.

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