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I’ve been a subscriber since the early 1990’s. The product has always been easy to use, and incredibly valuable in my practice. Ownership is responsive (yes, the owner actually picks up the phone when you call them), and they listen to all feedback. Much of my feedback has been the catalyst for improvements to the product over the past 30 years. What amazes me is that the product provides so much information for so little money, it’s hard to fathom any independent life insurance agent not having it. In the rare instances when I have found a discrepancy between Compulife software, and a particular Insurance company’s software, 90% of the time (and I know this is hard to believe), Compulife has been correct and the carrier’s OWN SOFTWARE was wrong about their own pricing. I am eternally grateful to Bob Barney and Compulife for making my life easy as I demonstrate to clients that I have access to pricing, features, and ratings information on hundreds of life insurance products so that I, and my agents, can make meaningful recommendations as to which represent the best values. Compulife makes it easy to look like a genius. If you’re equivocating, feel free to contact me and I can share my experience.

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