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U.S. Update News October 2000

Note: In place of the normal October bulletin, Compulife president Bob Barney wrote the following letter to Compulife’s Canadian subscribers about the introduction of A.M. Best ratings to the Canadian edition of the Compulife program. Mr. Barney emphasized his view that Canadian subscribers need to purchase Best’s Key Rating and Statistical Guide to more fully understand those ratings.

September 25, 2000

Open Letter to: Compulife subscribers

Re: A.M. Best ratings and Special Offer

This month, for the first time in over 15 years, there is no monthly bulletin with the Compulife program. It is my hope that you will direct your full attention to this letter and the special A.M. Best offer enclosed.

Last year TRAC Insurance Services was purchased by A.M. Best and renamed A.M. Best Canada Ltd. For the LifeTRAC ’99 TRAC report, A.M. Best maintained the quantitative 8 test scoring system. This year the company has adopted the same quantitative and qualitative ratings system which A.M. Best has used for many years in the United States.

There are two things of significance about this new change:

1. With the acquisition of TRAC Insurance Services, there is no longer any doubt that A.M. Best is the premier ratings service in the Canadian market. Compulife is pleased to advise our subscribers that A.M. Best has licensed Compulife to provide A.M. Best ratings in our Canadian version of the program (in addition to A.M. Best ratings in our U.S. version).

2. Compulife would like to thank A.M. Best Canada Ltd. for the gracious limited time offer it has made to Compulife subscribers. The 2000 edition of Best’s Key Rating and Statistical Guide is available to Compulife subscribers for $199

$199 is $100 off the normal retail price of $299.
Because these ratings and this rating system will be new for Canadian subscribers, it is imperative that you purchase this important publication.

Best’s Guide provides much more information than available in Compulife.

To do a proper job for your clients, you need this important information!

Also note that the purchase of the Best’s Guide also includes a one year subscription to “Best’s Review”, the award winning monthly insurance magazine.

Enclosed with this month’s update is a copy of the A.M. Best Canada Order Form. Compulife urges you to complete that form and order your Guide (and Best’s Review subscription) at the special price of $199. Please give serious consideration to Best’s Insurance Reports, Canada CD-ROM, as well as the other products and services offered by A.M. Best.


Bob Barney


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