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Update News for February 2018

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • Lawsuit Update

    • Work Continues on the Database Update

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Lawsuit Update
We are still waiting for the judge’s decision from the October trial. On January 24, 2018 the judge convened an evidentiary hearing in West Palm Beach Florida (where the trial occurred). He wanted further input from the plaintiff and defendants on a couple of the legal matters related to the case. I attended the hearing and gave further testimony in that regard.

Compulife has been given until February 2nd to summarize its position on those matters in a brief, and the defendants have been given until February 9th to submit a responding brief. Needless to say, there will be not be a decision until after February 9th.

On another note, the judge in this case is retiring in the middle of March so we can be certain to have a decision by then.

Until a decision is published, I am reluctant to comment or provide further details. On the flip side, I am sure everyone is wondering what the delay is all about and now you know what we know.

Work Continues on the Database Update
As we have talked about in the past, we are currently going through a massive overhaul to our system, putting into place a new data structure that is more dynamic and will permit future modification and enhancement to occur more quickly. We are also moving a number of our current behind the scenes utilities from DOS to Windows in order to make it easier for us to maintain the software.

We have always focussed on making sure that the most modern features and functions are given to our customers first. If we have some extra work to do, on the maintenance side of the system, that’s fine. No one really is concerned about how much work we do to keep the system up-to-date. But as time marches on it is important to get our ducks in a line so that in a few years the next generation can maintain the system and keep it as reliable and accurate as it has been for the last 30 years.

When released, the new program (CQS.EXE) will be a separate stand alone product from the current program (GOWIN.EXE). We will, for a fairly long period of time, actually provide both. Even though the new program will look and appear more modern, there will be those that like the old stuff better and we want to offer a transition period where everyone can get accustomed to the new software. We also want to have a fall back position in case someone hits a big bug in the new product, and still needs to get a quote out in the next minute before the new version has been fixed.

Maintaining the data for both systems, where the new system will have radically different data files, will necessitate an internal conversion system to change old data to new data before the updates are shipped. We will maintain old, then convert to new and ship both sets. We plan to do that for a fairly significant period of time. That conversion process will continue until we are certain that all the tools to maintain the new data are working properly, and that we can maintain the new without the need for conversion. At that point we will put the old system out to pasture.

The time period for this transition will be lengthy and we will be in no rush to bury the old data. We intend to run both system for a significant period. This will also give our internet engine customers a fairly lengthy time to implement the new system. The new internet engine will require some changes, mostly to variable names which we intend to change. I will have more information about that later in the year. The good news is that should be a simple find and replace process. Apart from that, the new internet engine software will function pretty much the same as the old.


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