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Update News for January 2007

IMPORTANT: pay attention to the QuickerQuoter offer for Agencies

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • Happy New Year

    • Form Category Improvements

    • Another Company Added to the Forms Library

    • Help Us Add More Companies and Get a FREE PDA!

    • FREE Hosting for QuickerQuoter Updates

    • What is QuickerQuoter for Agencies?

    • FREE QuickerQuoter PDA Software

    • Why This May Be a Limited Time Offer

    • 25th Year in Business

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

Happy New Year
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you very happy 2007. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to all our subscribers who support this service. We hope the next year will be mutually prosperous and that Compulife has an important part to play in your financial success.

Form Category Improvements
There has been some of feedback in regard to Compulife’s Form Library. Subscribers seem to want more categorization of forms. Having given this matter a lot of thought, we have decided to break forms based upon product types.

NOTE: This will mean that some forms will show up in multiple categories.

Here are our initial proposed form categories:

Show All
Life – Term
Life – U/L
Life – Simplified Issue
Life – Guaranteed/Quick Issue
Life – Other Individual
Annuities – Deferred
Annuities – Immediate
Critical Illness
Long Term Care
Group Insurance
Agent Contracting
Agent Info/Education

We would like to hear from you if you would like to see other forms types added. It is easier to do this at the beginning, versus later. The reason is that this change will necessitate the need to review each form in the system, and to select the category(s) for each form.

From the user point of view, the category selection will appear to the right of the state selection at the top of the page. The system will initially default to “Show All”. Once we are satisfied that we have completed the categorization, the selection will default to whatever was the last category that you selected. We suspect this will be either term life or U/L although our goal is to have all forms available for every company.

Once again, if you have any thoughts or suggestions on this matter, please give Bob Barney a call at 888-798-3488 or drop Bob an e-mail at

Another Company Added to the Forms Library
The following section is provided to Canadian subscribers for information purposes only. As of this date, no Canadian life company has been willing to provide Compulife with forms for our Forms Library.

Compulife would like to extend our sincere thanks to North American Company for L & H who have provided their forms for addition to our forms library.

To date the following companies are now available:

Banner Life Insurance
Jefferson Pilot Life
Jefferson Pilot Life (NY)
Pruco Life Insurance
Pruco Life Insurance of New Jersey
North American Company for L & H
Reliastar Life Insurance Company
Reliastar Life Insurance Company of NY
William Penn Life Insurance

Help Us Add More Companies and Get a FREE PDA!
If you help us convince a life company to provide us with their forms, we’ll give you a Palm Zire 31 PDA as our way of saying thanks.

IMPORTANT OFFER TO CANADIAN SUBSCRIBERS: The first Canadian subscriber to persuade a Canadian life company to provide us with forms will not only receive a FREE Palm PDA, they will receive a FREE year of Compulife.

FREE Hosting for QuickerQuoter Updates
Insurance Squared customers, using Compulife’s on-line term quote engine, are now allowed to host QuickerQuoter updates for FREE.

And if you use Insurance Squared to host your QuickerQuoter updates, Compulife will maintain those updates on the Insurance Squared server for FREE.

For QuickerQuoter purchasers it means that all you will need to do is e-mail a link to the page and/or place a link to the page on your web site. Your page will look like either of these two samples:

FREE Download for non-NY life companies

FREE Download for New York life companies

NOTE: The server used for the above examples is the server provided by Insurance Squared. Compulife rents space on that server, just as we rent space from 6 other Internet Providers for our services to Compulife subscribers.

In the next few months we also intend to introduce a more automated update procedure for QuickerQuoter updates, in conjunction with the Insurance Squared update hosting. The QuickerQuoter program will be able to alert your agents that new updates are available, and the system can get those updates automatically.

If you do NOT use Insurance Squared as your on-line term quote provider, you can do so for ONLY $179 per year. Once you do your QuickerQuoter update web page and update hosting is FREE.

IMPORTANT: Insurance Squared now offers an on-line forms library option which can be added to that on-line term quote service for only $120 per year. Click Here to obtain full details.

What is QuickerQuoter for Agencies?
QuickerQuoter is a Compulife-like comparison software program containing only the companies that the agency selects. The agency pays a single, low cost license fee and can then provide the software to all its brokers for FREE.

Click Here for more information on QuickerQuoter. The web page contains a FREE sample of QuickerQuoter.

NOTE: The products and companies included in the FREE samples of QuickerQuoter are up-to-date and current. The companies we have selected are those companies which have provided Compulife with their forms for our Forms Library. If you are a life company, and would like to be added, please call Bob Barney at (888) 798-3488.

IMPORTANT: FREE software for your brokers.

THINK ABOUT IT: If you don’t give this software to your brokers for FREE, then maybe your brokers will get it from your competitors for FREE. And then your brokers will be quoting the companies that your competitors want them to quote.

The agencies who act sooner will be the agencies to benefit the most. To date 8 agencies have acquired QuickerQuoter. In the next few months I suspect that their agents will be getting and using that software.

FREE QuickerQuoter PDA Software
Just like FREE PDA software comes with Compulife, QuickerQuoter comes with FREE PDA software. So before you say, “But we already have on-line quoting software for our brokers for FREE”, please pay attention to the fact that this software includes FREE PDA software.

Some agencies have told me they don’t think that’s important because their agents aren’t using PDA’s. There are some points I would like to make:

    • First, more and more agents are buying Palm and/or Windows Mobile phones. Those phones ARE PDA’s and they can run QuickerQuoter. Do you want to be the one pointing that out to your agent, or do you want your competitor pointing it out?

  • Second, agents who do not have PDA’s don’t have them because they don’t appreciate what they can do. There was a time when no one owned a calculator. Does your agent own a calculator now? Of course they do. Why? Because it’s cheap and it’s a great tool. Dittos for PDA’s. Compulife can provide PDA’s that run QuickerQuoter for as little as $69. Click here for complete details

  • Third, read some of the following testimonies that Compulife has received from subscribers using insurance comparisons on their PDA:

The point is this: Agents are going to find out about this capability – one way or the other. The sooner they do, the sooner they will make money with it. And that means they will not only be making money for themselves, but for the agency they do business with. Do you think agents will appreciate the agency that was first to bring that to their attention?

There is another reason you do not want to delay offering this to your agents. This QuickerQuoter Offer may be for a limited time only. I make the point to warn you that you might find your competitors having access to this software but you may not be able to get it in the future. In other words, you snooze you lose. And if you do act immediately, we will give you a Special Guarantee that you will want to read about – KEEP READING.

Why This May Be a Limited Time Offer
In making this offer Compulife is concerned about how it might impact our existing retail business to agents. Some agents may elect to use your FREE QuickerQuoter software rather than pay for our software – and that’s not good for us. However, some agents that you give FREE software to may want the full Compulife package – and that’s good for us. By the way, if your agent does want the bigger, better Compulife, that’s more good news for you. Compulife typically charges an agent $199 per year for our entire program, but if you purchase the program for an agent you can get it for half price providing that you are buying QuickerQuoter. Call for more details.

The point is this: if Compulife determines that the QuickerQuoter program for agencies is having a net negative impact on our gross revenue, Compulife will discontinue the QuickerQuoter program without notice.

But that’s where our Special Guarantee kicks in, and it’s exactly why you need to act NOW. Compulife guarantees that if we discontinue QuickerQuoter to new buyers, we will continue to offer QuickerQuoter to existing buyers for a total of 36 more months. Whether we continue to offer the software or not, YOU WILL HAVE IT – GUARANTEED!

Therefore, buying QuickerQuoter for your brokers now, is your guarantee to be able to buy it for 36 more months even if we no longer offer it to new buyers.

At the end of 36 months we have a further guarantee to buy the agent version of Compulife at a deeper than normal special discount. Call Bob Barney at (888) 798-3488 for details. The special discount will only be available to you IF we discontinue the QuickerQuoter program providing that you were a customer of QuickerQuoter at that time.

No matter how you look at it, getting on board with QuickerQuoter for your agents means you are getting a guarantee for software products, software services and software prices that you can’t get if you don’t buy QuickerQuoter.

We are not kidding, this offer could vanish at any time without any notice.

To repeat – you snooze you lose. And there is no sympathy for those who say, “But I didn’t see it in the bulletin”. If that’s true, you weren’t snoozing you were sleeping.

25th Year in Business
Compulife incorporated in Canada in October 1982. That means we are now in our 25th year in business (20th year in the U.S.).

We note this to first and foremost express our thanks to our loyal subscribers (thousands of subscribers in Canada and the U.S.) many of whom have been with us for a majority of that time. It goes without saying that we could not have done it without you. Many, many thanks.

We also note it to underline our longstanding commitment to this marketplace – a commitment that has never changed and a commitment that is as great today as it has ever been.

Two things are true about companies that have been around this long – they are either resting on their laurels or they are continuing to push forward aggressively. I think it is clear that the latter applies to Compulife.

Here are just three recent examples:

In the last year we have introduced PDA software, both for PDA’s on-line and off-line – the latter at prices too reasonable for agents to ignore. The PDA software is FREE with your subscription to Compulife and we can provide backlit color PDA’s for as little as $69.

We have recently rolled out a Forms Library which introduces an innovative web library / local library system for automatically storing forms on your own computer – making retrieval fast and easy – regardless of web connection problems.

We have introduced QuickerQuoter for agencies, giving agencies our comparison technology (including PDA technology) which they can turn around and provide to their agents for FREE.

We draw this to your attention to underline that Compulife appreciates your business and we will continue to EARN your business, by improving and expanding our product offerings.

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