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Update News for March 2006

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • One SD Card – Works on Palm and Windows Mobile

    • PDA Comparisons – The Perfect Prospecting Tool

    • PDA Software Installation is EASY

    • Get an SD Card and Adapter for ONLY $25

    • Try a Used Palm FREE for 30 Days

    • Commercial Insurance Package for Compulife Subscribers

    • What’s Next for Compulife

    • QuickerQuoter Will Then Follow

    • Internet Forms Library

    • PDA Sale Story Contest

    • Next Monthly Update

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin. We would encourage you to read on.

One SD Card – Works on Palm and Windows Mobile
Your Compulife subscription comes complete with PDA software; it’s FREE. It’s FREE now and it will continue to be FREE. If you are not using it then you are missing out.

If you say, “But I don’t have a PDA!”, then Compulife can provide you with a PDA for ONLY $99. Heck, I remember when calculators cost more and that’s back when a dollar was a dollar.

To get Compulife on the PDA Compulife’s software on your PC updates an SD card using an adapter. The SD card can then be put in either a Palm or Windows Mobile PDA and will work in both.

If you do not have an SD card and card adapter you can obtain those from Compulife for only $25.

If you do not have a PDA, Compulife will give you a Palm PDA to try for 30 days. There is no obligation to purchase. Complete details can be found further down on in this page.

Remember, we’re only talking about a one time cost of $99 to have a PDA that runs Compulife.

PDA Comparisons – The Perfect Prospecting Tool
Compulife’s PDA comparison software is the PERFECT prospecting tool. You can carry a PDA with you wherever you go. ANY casual conversation can turn into a chance to show off your PDA comparisons and qualify a prospect.

People like seeing the PDA insurance comparisons. It is quite a novelty. If you don’t believe me it’s because you haven’t tried it. On numerous occasions I have pulled out my PDA and asked someone if they want to see what I can do with it. No one objects. I then enter their age, sex, etc. and run a comparison. Most are very impressed and no one has been offended, NO ONE! The reason is simple, people think it’s neat.

PDA Software Installation is EASY
Installation of Compulife’s comparison software to a PDA is very simple. You can get complete details by going to:
The idea is simple. You plug your SD card into your computer using a USB port adapter if your computer does not already have an SD card reader. The SD card appears as a drive letter on your computer (E, F, G, whatever).

You go to Compulife’s “Install Next Update” function, select the “Update Palm SD Card” option, and the update is transferred to the card in about 20 seconds. Put the card in your PDA and you are ready to go! Updates are just as simple.

Get an SD Card and Adapter for ONLY $25
If you do not have an SD card and adapter, Compulife can provide the card AND adapter for only $25 (shipping included).

Try a Palm FREE for 30 Days
The following offer is available to Compulife subscribers who are “paid” subscribers. This means that those who have obtained a FREE subscription through the “Dare to Compare” challenge may not take advantage of this special deal.

You can order a Palm from Compulife and you do not have to pay for 30 days.

MORE IMPORTANT: If you wish to return the equipment at the end of 30 days, you will receive a full credit including the shipping charge.

If you don’t believe us when we say the Palm is a great prospecting tool, this is your chance to find out. Get the Palm and carry it with you for 30 days. If it is of no use to you just return it.


1. You are responsible for the cost of returning the PDA and/or accessories.

2. The Palm LCD screen must not be “broken”. In other words, don’t drop the Palm and make sure you pack it carefully when you return it.

3. This offer is subject to availability of Palms. Currently we have about 40 units in stock and we continue to add as we are able but if there is a run on units, it will be first come, first served.

Commercial Insurance Package for Compulife Subscribers

Compulife does not sell insurance, and that includes Property and Casualty insurance. However, we have been approached by Bill Kirkwood of Erb & Erb Insurance in Kitchener with an idea and offer we could not say no to.

For several years Bill has been developing and marketing commercial insurance packages tailored to specific business lines. Most of the packages have been marketed through industry associations. Bill has done several of these to date and he has now developed a package for life insurance agents who operate small agencies or operate as proprietors from home.

Insurance agents/brokers who are Compulife subscribers are being offered 25% off the normal price of the plan. I am advised that the prices for the coverage could already save some agents hundreds of dollars per year, and the additional 25% savings could go a long way to paying for your Compulife subscription.

For complete details of the coverage, here is a link to the coverage description:

Insurance Package Description
If you wish to purchase the coverage, here is a link to the applications form:

Enrollment Form
IMPORTANT: Compulife is NOT selling this policy. It is being offered at a discount to subscribers of Compulife. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Charlotte Mikolaiczyk, Tim Kauk or Dave Lagonia at Erb & Erb Insurance. Their toll free number is (800) 265-2634.

I realize that some of Compulife’s subscribers are also P&C agents and so I would like to hear your comments on the quality and competitiveness of the program. Our sole objective in passing along this offer is the hope that it will provide our subscribers with quality coverage at a competitive price.

What’s Next for Compulife
We are now working to advance the functions and features of the PDA software. The next version of the PDA software will have a single company/product look up function to the bottom of the screen. Instead of just a “compare now” button, there will be a second button called “quote product”.

When you click on “quote product” a list of companies will appear. When you locate and click on the company you want, a list of the products for that company will appear. When you click on the product, the single product display will appear. This will be the same screen that appears when you click on a product in the comparison results.

Once that feature is working we will enhance the single product display to give you more information about the product. You will be able to view all the modal premium options, the various health categories/premiums, etc.

QuickerQuoter Will Then Follow
Once the above mentioned functions are complete, Compulife will turn its attention to introducing a variation of our PDA software called QuickerQuoter. QuickerQuoter is a single company quote system that we will provide to life companies for FREE.

When we first rolled out the Windows version of QuickerQuoter there wasn’t a great deal of interest because most companies already have Windows quote software and most have already made substantial investments in that software.

By contrast, most companies do not have PDA quoting software. Compulife will provide that software to companies for it’s FREE. We have already received preliminary interest in QuickerQuoter from some life insurance companies.

There is a catch for life companies to get the software. Compulife will provide the new PDA QuickerQuoter programs to life companies who are helpful in providing assistance to Compulife. While this includes things like providing rate tables and information about products, we are now asking for one more area of assistance that a company must provide to Compulife in order to obtain the PDA software. The company must be willing to provide current copies of their PDF forms.

Internet Forms Library
One of the things Internet users of Compulife has been asking for is a forms library. One of Compulife’s authorized web providers has taken the time and trouble to set up a database in which to store those forms. The problem has been that many companies have been unwilling to provide us the forms and we’re not quite sure why. Regardless, we believe that the opportunity to obtain it’s FREE PDA software will be a strong incentive for companies to help us.

The new forms library will be available to any Compulife subscriber who is obtaining the Compulife internet quote engine through the authorized web provider.

NOTE: Adding the Compulife quote engine to your web site is only $99 per year. The forms library will be no additional charge.

We have already e-mailed a number of the life companies with information about the new QuickerQuoter program and have advised those companies that the first companies to provide forms will be the first companies to receive the PDA software. Currently we have 4 companies who have expressed interest in the PDA software and one company has begun supplying forms.

If you want more information about the forms library or the Quickerquoter PDA software, give Bob Barney a call at (888) 798-3488.

PDA Sale Story Contest
In March Compulife will be introducing a PDA Sale Story Contest on the discussion board:
Membership on the board is it’s FREE.

Compulife has been promoting this board for the last few months and we believe it will be an important way for our customers to dialogue on a number of timely and interesting issues. I have already had e-mails from subscribers who joined and who have found the discussions on the board interesting and informative.

To repeat, you need to join:
Compulife has been asking subscribers using our PDA software to share their successful sales stories with us. We know there are a lot of agents who do not use PDA’s and who have doubts that they are a useful marketing tool. Those who have PDA’s know better and we are hoping they’ll be willing to say so.

As an incentive for our subscribers to take the time, sit down and put their story in an e-mail, Compulife will be announcing a contest for the best stories. Once again, the announcement will appear on:
Agents can then post their stories to the message board and Compulife will select the top stories for prizes. Those stories will also be featured in the testimonial page on Compulife’s web site.

Stories that Compulife has already received to date, and which are posted as testimonials to our web site, will also be included in the contest. There will be at least 3 prizes with the first prize being a it’s FREE year of Compulife.

Dueling Web Sites
For those who update by Internet, Compulife has gone to great lengths to provide you with redundancy in our web sites. Our main web site is:
However, we keep three other completely separate web sites, on three completely different servers, at:     or     or
Whatever we update to, we are also updating to, and If one web site goes down, for whatever reason, either of the other three are ready to serve you.

For those doing monthly updates by Internet, we rely on three other web sites to supply monthly updates. These are automatically checked and used by our automatic Internet update software.

Next Monthly Update
We plan to post the April 2006 Internet monthly update to our six monthly update web sites on Friday, March 31, 2006.

The disk update will be processed Friday, March 31st and the disks will be shipped on that day. You should have the disk update by Monday, April 3rd.

Returning Monthly Disk Updates
If you are receiving monthly updates by disk, make sure you return your previous months updates.

Also note, for those receiving updates by disks, that you must switch over to Internet updates by the end of December 2006. Disk service will not be offered for January 2007 and following.

But we would encourage you to not wait until December 2006 to make the change because not only will you eliminate the expense and hassle of returning disks, it costs much less to get updates by Internet.

To switch to Internet monthly updates, go to our web page and select the second menu choice “Application/License Agreements” Under the section “Application / License Agreements” you will need to select and complete a new License Agreement for the type of license that you have. Indicate on the application form, under “payment option”, that this is a “CHANGE“. After you have printed the new application agreement, please read it, especially the part where you agree that you have successfully downloaded and processed our “mid-month updates”. If you haven’t done that before, call us and we’ll be happy to step you through the procedure. It’s easy.


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