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Update News for March 2016

Here is a quick run-down on what you will find in this bulletin:

    • U.S. Web Quotes – New Server With SSL Certificate

    • Product and Price Changes – Later in 2016

These topics will be dealt with in more detail throughout this bulletin.

U.S. Web Quotes – New Server With SSL Certificate
The work on the U.S. web quote option has been completed.

For those Canadian subscribers who want to see what’s coming, you are free to have a look at the new U.S. version

Unfortunately we have delayed the beginning of the work on the Canadian web quote products by another couple of weeks due to the fact that we have decided to more the web quoting options to a new server. Further, we have obtained an SSL certificate for that domain name, as we have increasing numbers of customers want our quote system to be run from a secure server because their site are on secure servers. You can read more about this here:

Compulife U.S. – March 2016 Update News
With the completion of that work (no more delays) we are now focusing our development attention on upgrading our Canadian web products. We will first enhance and upgrade the Compulife Mobile Edition. Following that we will upgrade the Compulife Web Quote Option. The changes for Canadians will take less time than it took for the U.S. customers because many of the changes that we made for the U.S. are the same. It’s just changing states to provinces, product categories, etc. A lot of the programming code changes are no different so it’s largely a duplication and substitution process.

Our goal is to complete those changes in 30 to 60 days. You will be alerted by bulletin and sent emails as those upgrades become available. Once again, the upgrades will be FREE to those already subscribing.

Product and Price Changes – Later in 2016
In conjunction with those changes we are re-branding our product options and changing prices. If you want a heads up on where we are heading you can check out the February U.S. bulletin which you will find here:

Compulife U.S. – February 2016 Update News
Note: While the same re-branding changes are coming for Canada, the Canadian pricing will be somewhat different. Further, the dates for price changes and deadlines to extend current subscriptions will be one to two months beyond those dates provided to U.S. customers. This is to ensure that we first get all the other work done, related to these changes.


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